We document your legacy.

Photographs increase in emotional value overtime. we believe in the power of these moments.

The Team

The Team

We serve southern california and beyond.

We are fun loving, laid back photographers and serve clients (turned friends) who want to document the raw emotions of a wedding, the pure joy of being engaged, the gut busting laughter of family photos, the dizzying elation of newborn photos, the transformative power or maternity photos, the raw and emotional births and the empowerment of becoming your own brand.

Our photojournalistic approach, combined with an eye for editorial quality and artistic ability, ensures we’ll

capture you in your most pure and genuine moments. 


Meet Aimee

founder and lead photographer

Aimee is a photojournalist at heart and candid images that capture the true emotion of the moment they were taken is what she lives for. She wants you to look at her images and be able to feel, smell and taste them. She is also obsessed with her two wild boys who inspire her to live in the moment and serve as her constant muse. When she isn't taking photos she can be found guzzling caffeine and singing off key for her boys who are too young to be embarrassed of her...yet.

Meet Marie


Marie can often be found camping or baking with her two adorable children and one adoring husband in their coastal home. Marie has curated her love for photography since 2015. Her favorite part is capturing authentic human connection. She loves love and her photos exude it in all its forms. She is energetic, organized and is humbled that she gets to document.

Meet Jackie


A regular MacGyver and capable of problem solving any situation, Jackie is the type of person you would want to have by your side if you were stuck on the cliff of a mountain. She is a ninja behind the camera often capturing the most evasive of moments. She is the perfect documentary photographer and will always seek to tell the story in its entirety. Every moment feels special through her lens.peoples milestone moments.

We welcome all LGBTQIA+ individuals and couples. We will lovingly document any moment for any human. 


our mission is to provide our clients with the best experience.

Effortless. Natural. Fun.

We love to help clients timeline and plan their big day so that everything will be smooth and effortless. Our goal is to do whatever we can to ensure our couples have a beautiful day that is stress-free and totally enjoyable. That usually means consistent communication leading up to your wedding and a fly-on-the-wall presence on the day of.

Your posed shots will be natural. Your tiny details you spent months planning will be documented in a timeless aesthetic. We’ll take charge of the fam for family portraits-making a potentially chaotic task a total breeze. And at the end of it, we’ll deliver an album of photos that will keep you crying, laughing and screaming, “OMG! Yes!” for years to come.

Throughout the whole day, Aimee and her assistant Jackie were a

calming presence, always in the right place to capture the right moment.

Kyle, 2020 GROOM

serving san diego, california + Beyond

We’re a wedding collective who all share a love for photographing life’s greatest seasons-from engagements to weddings, maternity and family sessions, and the little moments in between.

we are an inclusive company.